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Safe2High is an appointed reseller for SINGING ROCK, EDELWEISS & KASK. Those brand are well known and specialist in Personal Protective Equipment, where SINGING ROCK is a Czech Republic Company and introducing Body Harness, Carabiners, Ascenders, Descender, Fall Arresters, Fall Absorbers, Lanyards, Slings. EDELWEISS is a France Company and introducing Semi Static Ropes, Dynamic Ropes, Webbing, Rope Brush, Rope Cleaner and so on. KASK is an Italian company producing Working Helmet.

Products & Services

BUD 10.5mm x 300m
  • Diameter: 10,5 mm Breaking Strength: 25 kN Shrink in Water: 3,3 % Sheath Percentage: 39 % Weight: 66 g/m Material: Polyamide Standard: UIAA CE EN1891 Type: A
Indy Evo Plus
  • Color: Black Material: Alu Alloy Weight (gr): 480 Rope Diameter (mm): 10-12 Standard: EN 341, 12841/C
  • External Shell: Polypropylene Internal Shell: Polystyrene Headband: Soft PA Nylon Weight (gr): 400 Size (cm): UNI 53-63 Standard: EN 397, 50365 (Class 0). Color: Yellow, Red
Rope Cleaner
  • Non-aggressive detergent developped for easy cleaning of polyamide products: ropes or harnesses
  • however the water temperature used should be less than 30° C.