To become a cleaning product manufacturer of excellent quality and reputation in Indonesia as well as abroad
  • Equipment like mops, cloths and trolleys
PT. INDOMOP MULTI MAKMUR, Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer for home use and Industry since 1992. We use high quality item as our raw materials, such as rubber, pure cotton, grass, and palm fibre. We are the first manufacturer in Indonesia to apply international color code cleaning and food contact safe for the majority of our product. We sold our product nation wide to modern market. Our products also used by professional end user like Ritz Carlton, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, Solaria Etc.

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Basic Mop Color
  • The mop is made of 75% cotton weighting 250 grams, the water absorbency is high so that the floor is not slippery, Cut End mop type so it is not easy to get snagged
Rubber Mop
  • Water pusher made of durable and strong quality original rubber. The rubber is clamped with a chromated plate (rust protection) with an aerodynamic angle (tilt angle).
Duster Brush
  • Very effective for cleaning dust on the surface of walls, glass, windows, store front and furniture, ergonomically designed so comfortable to use, durable and not easy to fall off, fine filament material..
Dust Cloth L
  • Cloth made of cotton, natural materials, with optimal absorption and optimal. Suitable for dust cloth or for a mop. Size 60 x 60 cm