private Indonesian company engaged in manufacturing interior components
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Established in Jakarta in 2000, PT Industri Dagang Kadanka Utama (IDKU) is a private Indonesian company engaged in manufacturing interior components. SUNRAY Solid Surface & Acrylic Solid Surface, DURATOP panels for furniture components, Cubical System, Wall Paneling System, Slatwall, and Postforming Panels. Our clientele can have confidence in our ability to deliver products of the highest standards.

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Products & Services

SUNRAY Solid Surface
  • SUNRAY is the international standard quality product of Solid Surfaces which made and manufacture in Indonesia. With quality that is beyond any expectations, SUNRAY is dared to be compared with..
DURATOP Wall Paneling
  • The DURATOP Wall Paneling System is a remarkable advanced system that surpasses the conventional wood based slat wall. It is great way to make your walls look more attractive...
DURATOP Cubicle System
  • DURATOP Washroom Cubicle System offers a stylish, yet practical cubicle system. With its unique fittings and wide range of color choice, the DURATOP Washroom Cubicle System..
DURATOP Post Forming
  • DURATOP Postforming comprises of postforming grade High Pressure Laminates (HPL) which is bonded on Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF).