Our customer is any organization with linen to be washed, which is what makes us unique. We offer easy and reliable solutions that enhance customer profitability.
  • Laundry, dry-cleaning, ironing agents and detergents
  • Machines, apparatus and systems for dry-cleaning, ironing
GIRBAU S.A. is a family company that has established itself as one of the main international groups in the manufacture of equipment for all types of laundries, regardless of size business sector. It has four production sites, in Spain and France, specializing in the different product lines that cover all the processes of an industrial laundry. It currently has 15 commercial subsidiaries around the world, together with an extensive distribution and service network in more than 100 countries.

Products & Services

Washer Extractors HS-6040
  • Capacity 44kg (1/9) 40kg (1/10)
  • Electric, hot water and steam heating
  • Diam. of drum 900 mm
  • Volume of drum 395 dm3
  • Dimensions 1794x1390x1455mm
Washer Extractors BW2000
  • Capacity 200 kg
  • Control by microprocessor
  • Electric and steam heating
  • Diam. of drum 1400 mm
  • Volume of drum 2000 dm3 Dimensions 2250x2650x1850 mm
Rotary Dryers STI-23
  • Volume 518 l
  • Electric, gas, steam heating
  • Capacity 1/25-1/18: 21-29 kg
  • Diam. of drum 832 mm
Washer Extractors LS-355
  • Capacity 55 kg
  • SM, PM versions
  • Electric, hot water and steam heating
  • Diam.of drum 1080mm
  • Volume of drum 550dm3